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I'm a radical (from the root), queer-identified, feminist birthing professional (currently a full spectrum Doula, including traumatic births, birth support, pregnancy loss - whether that be miscarriage or abortion; while considering postpartum certification) - and a woman on the precipice of her journey through motherhood (I'm expecting). Extremely passionate about sexuality education, birthing politics and legislative advocacy, and opening doors to all women regardless of sexual orientation, race, educational background, and other socialized labels of being. I'm a sexualities educator, and attending post-secondary academia in pursuance of midwifery education (specifically a Certified Professional Midwife).

An Ambassador for SQUAT Birth Journal.
Constructing the Doula Project (ask me) for the Midwest.
Becoming a Certified Professional Midwife.
Organizing a new chapter of ICAN and NFOM.
Doula certification (Birth Arts Int'l).
Pursuing Lactation Educator & International Childbirth Education Certification.

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Ashely Lanouette-Miller


NE United States


Oct 30

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