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Narcolepsy and PCOS since age 23, now 49, thyroid removed at 39, IC diagnosed after 24 years of blood in the urine, Appendix removed although nothing was wrong with it, just thought my pain must have been caused by something, so why not take out a perfectly good organ.Gluten Intolerant, have been gluten free for 3 years. Three children and two miscarriages, kids are all 5 and 6 years apart without birthcontrol. Weight gain and loss before thyroid removal, now thyroid can never be regulated, all Dr.'s think high TSH is bad although functioning tests are normal. Diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome in 2010. High DHEA, High Testosteron, insulin resistance sometimes, monthly cystic acne that is very painful and usually contains ingrown hair. Hair loss despite a full thick head of hair, dandruff to the point of bleeding, no baldness or missing patches. Currently I have a golfball sized cyst on my left ovary and high reactive C-protein levels and inflamation the the liver and gallbladder. In constant pain with pain down left leg, severe PMDD, IBS symptoms,Leaky gut, heavy periods and spotting a week before. Exhausted all the time! Now seeing a Naturopath and he has helped me lose 30 pounds, but have reach a plateau. Just put on a Pescatarian diet and Metagenics InflamX and lots and lots of different supplyments.

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La Center, WA USA

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