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I had RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery May 18 2009.
I have lost 100 pounds and am off ALL medications!
This surgery saved my life and it was my personal miracle!
I want to help people who can not get the surgery because they have been turned down by their insurance or have no insurance.

I am founding a Nonprofit organization for the WLS community.
For people who have had weight loss surgery or want weight loss surgery and the people who care about them.

Out mission is to help 100 people get WLS in the next 5 years.
Educate ER and Primary care Dr's to the WLS persons our special needs.
Create a Best Practices guide for follow care and nutrition for the WLS patient.
Please come to our web site to learn more!

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Antonia Namnath


Rancho Cordova , CA 95742

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Surviving is not match to thriving! Weight Loss Surgery is Life Saving!

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