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I am a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine & Orthomolecular Medicine.
I founded A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute, Inc., in 2004, so that we could assist other women and their families gain an education in the comfort of their homes via the internet or in local community centers, about Holistic Medical Arts and Modalities in that field.

I have been a single mother long enough to know that we are usually at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to getting our finances correct and feeding our children, especially in single-headed households, so this was a means to address those issues for other women, of all walks of life.

I am glad to be a part of a network that encourages women to be empowered, for, one of my favorite statements is: "A Nation can rise NO HIGHER than its WOMAN"... and that was spoken by a Great Man, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, for ALL WOMEN... VIVA!

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Dr. Tisa Muhammad


North Miami Beach, FL USA


Aug 8

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"A Nation Can rise NO HIGHER than its WOMAN!"- the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad

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