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My name is Dr Faith E. Leuschen D.C.. I was in a head-on collision in 2005. I suffered from 5 disc injuries, left broken elbow, face contusions, chest contusions, injuries to my jaw and several teeth..that micro-fractured and broke off for three years. I had sustained severe sprains to my right foot, ankle both hips and wrists so severally I couldn't move them. I had to go back to work because my practice was failing without me. I went back to work in severe pain everywhere, within a year and 1/2 of working I ended up with a most severe case of Fibromyalgia and a sleep disorder. I had every doctor in the book that did not help much. It wasn't until I found the Neurologic Relief Center Technique (NRCT) that I was on the road to recovery. I not only had to get 2 1/2 months of consistent treatment but also treat patients during this time. I know Fibro well and there are new answers. Pain was widespread and you couldn't touch me. It was at times, sharp shooting and electric. I had depression, which I pretended not to have. I didn't go out with my friends or family and just made up the excuse that I was busy. I had anxiety always looming in and out with the littlest of things. I went to bed at 7:30 pm after work and didn't get up, only to get my child ready for school at 7:30 am and than crawl back in bed. This was not life. I had numbness and tingling, at times could not feet my feet, I had IBS, ice-pick headaches that drove me into my room in darkness. I started my practice at 2 pm and treated patients until 6:30 because that was all I could do. I could only work 14 hours per week. It was not until I stumbled across the Neurologic Relief Center Technique ( NRCT) that I started seeing the light. I told my staff, if this works for me, we will be doing this technique in our office. With the test alone, that ice-pick headache, that I had for two weeks was gone in less than one minute, the back of my head that was compressing down, opened up. As the nerves started opening up, my broad, burning back pain was gone, and than I could feel my left foot normalizing and than my right foot. I sat up and had to get my bearings. I took a deep breath. I felt lighter and clearer. I could see better. I didn't know that my hearing had been so muffled...that was normal for me...and now I hear perfectly fine. I didn't care where I had to fly to, to get trained. I was going to get treatment and than trained in this technique. After going through treatments and many difficulties with finding associates with high morals and integrity... I now am able to work 60 hours per week with energy, with so much love and joy each day, clarity of mind (no more fibro fog, fuzzy seeing and hearing, clear judgment, and excitement). I offer you the same. Every person is different and has different reasons why they have fibro and how their fibro present. I am not making any claims because this is a dual effort, in fact a family and friends effort. They technique is not just about the pressure technique/testing; there are 6 different ways we test depending on how you present. There are numerous different ways to alleviate your pain and symptoms in varying degrees. Yes, with the FREE TEST, you may have a percentage of pain and symptoms decrease, your head may feel light and clearing, if you have ringing in your head that may go away. It all depends on the you, your symptoms, your journey, your biochemistry, neuro-musculo-skeletal function, physiologic state, your emotional state and what you feel...but I see daily improved lives! And if it is a complicated case that requires more doctors involved like a MD that practices with Bio-Identical Hormones or your MD to help you wean you of your prescriptions when necessary, or a Dentist that I might need to make a dental appliance for a possible TMJ...than we go to that extent. I am here to help you put your information together and figure out your symptoms and pain...and see if you qualify for treatment. The disorders are a label with many facets to why it is presenting this way in your body. My background is not just chiropractic, I started out with bodybuilding. I know exercise and nutrition up side down and backward. I continue to learn cellular nutrition and detoxification. I continue to learn brain chemistry and neurology. The latest I am reading is a new 2011 text that the neurosurgeons are learning from. The anatomy and descriptions are phenomenal. My search is to help people from these debilitating disorders that are riddling society/American. I am working with neurologist, researchers on Fibro and many other related illnesses. I offer anyone to come into my office for this Free Test. Let me educate you. I am seeking Universities and Hospitals to substantial this work, because we see miracles everyday (we meaning myself, the staff and patients) This has just begun, this is why you don't hear so much about it. Research is just being collected, so yes, your MD won’t know about it. It takes a long time to accumulate data and have it researched. Programs are now being put in place :) I am very excited to be apart of this. There will be the naysayers.... like anything in this world. If you met me, I think your mind will be enlightened and it will be a good experience. Yes, treatment costs money. HMO's don't pay for it. But there are treatment plans and protocol. There is financing. You have to ask yourself, what is it worth to get my life back?? I had to ask myself the same questions. I was broke when this came along. I financed it, and went from working 14 hours a week to 60 hours per week. That was my determination. I don't know yours or any other patients. I say this all in love and in hopes that patients get the care that they need. Any controversy or negative opinion is only out of lack of information and education. I cannot speak for any doctors that do NRCT; I can only speak for myself and what I have done in my office. Each doctor is different in nutritional advice, exercise and rehab, emotional support, philosophy and their depth of study. I know there are amazing doctors out there. I am in Manhattan Beach, CA and people travel far and wide to see me. They make the time to get their health back and implement what I suggest. It is a team effort on many levels. Thank you for listening. I am not making any claims. Each person is different. This technique is about meningeal compression and balancing your body as a whole. If anything, you can meet me and I will educate you on your condition, test you for Free and go from there. 310-372-2687 (please forgive me if there are grammar errors, this is truly from the heart to yours) I also apologize for my website not being as complete as it could be. It is very hard to keep up on every development. I am not so savvy on a computer to make all changes. What I like to focus on is helping people and educating myself further to help more. I am trying not to be so all consumed by the computer, I am sure you all can understand that :) With Love! Dr Faith

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Mar 13

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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not out darkness, that most frightens us We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of GOD. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so other people will not feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And, as wee let out own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. - Marianne Williamson