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Discomfort under left rib cage. Diagnosed as gall stones pressing against pancreas. Had MRI and it stated packed full. Had surgery to remove. Told they could not get all the stones because they were way up in the tube. Suppose to be outpatient, but stayed in hospital 3 days. I was in the hospital 1 month ago, liver enzymes were off the chart (became septic). In ICU for 4 days. Levels came down, not to normal. Blood work every 2 weeks to make sure enzymes return to normal. Also have gout, nuropathy, and stage 3 kidney disease. Now having pains under left rib cage. But life is good. Have faith God will be with me all the way!

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Lakeland, GA United States


For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so we may live.

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