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Block Therapy RN

I have experienced years of chronic back pain and then after a abdominal surgery 2 years ago I was left with a body screaming in pain. The scaring had built up creating much difficulty walking, and eventually affected my arm as well. It was like someone had saran wrapped the right side of my body. Depending on which specialist I saw I was given various diagnosis, and very little help. I was unable to return to work and had to find my way back to health. that first year i did daily yoga and saw many holistic professionals which made me feel better for just a short time. A year into my recovery I found Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy classes and that was the game changer ! I am now a Certified Block Therapy Instructor as well as a Registered nurse and I want to help and share this amazing body work practice with the world. I am now functioning so much better and the chronic pain issues are gone. When I do have pain, I now have a tool that supports my healing

Block Therapy RN
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