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I’m 28yo, 5ft 1in, and weigh 130lbs. I’m not on any type of medications and I’m very active, at least in my opinion. I work out 5 days/week for at least an hour each time. On Monday’s and ...

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We've been told eating soy-based foods lowers cholesterol, chills hot flashes, prevents breast cancer and prostate cancer, promotes weight loss, and wards off osteoporosis. That’s not the whole ...

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In 2009 more than $100 billion dollars were spent in the U.S. on high tech medical scans like MRI, CT, and PET. Unfortunately, new studies show up to 50 percent of the scans should never have been ...

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get over it, be glad you made it to 49!!!! I am 63 and liking every year of it

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