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kitesurf school dubai

Kite Zone Dubai is the premier kitesurfing and watersports school and center in Dubai, UAE offering private kitesurfing lessons and coaching among other watersports such as Stand up paddleboarding. Kitesurfing in Dubai has come a long way since its humble beginnings. From a handful of devoted riders who originally brought the sport here, the kitesurfing scene in Dubai grew at an alarming rate, becoming one of the fastest growing watersports in the region. Today, kitesurfing in Dubai has grown to become a social scene in itself, a talking point and internationally renowned tourist attraction. Back in the beginning the beaches were empty and your session on the water was sometimes a lonely one. We were just a few foreigners turned locals who shared a passion to clock off from work early and to chase the wind! Kitesurfing was one of the Dubai's best kept secrets! Driving out of the city and jumping into the water was our way to embrace nature. Our way to be amongst friends and experience the elements. It didn’tke long before this casual approach to the working day, some would call it a lifestyle, caught on. Kitesurfing in Dubai became a popular afternoon past-time of many like-minded people looking for a sanctuary away from the hectic running of day-to-day life. Dubai is a busy place and we were all looking for an escape from the daily rush, a break from routine & the rat-race. We believe that many people are in even greater need of this escape today, and that is why kitesurfing in Dubai continues to become an ever popular path for people looking to exercise, meet up, and have enjoy their afternoons and weekends challenging themselves to a truly novel & exhilarating experience. Kitesurfing has sprouted a popular social scene and burgeoning community of friendly faces on the beach, all willing to help one another out towards the shared goal of enjoying our time away from the office. To be out in nature. This is the most rewarding ‘board’ meeting you will ever have!

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