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Hi, I’m Wayne Clements, founder of Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. (BSWI). As the first IBM PC support tech in Canada back in 1982, you could say I’ve been in the computer business since there were business computers. I’ve been helping business make the most of their computers ever since.

In 1992, I decided that, while computers were interesting, what was really exciting was business. Specifically, what computers could do for business. I wanted a new challenge, and I started BSWI that year – to explore just how much computers could do to make business better.

I loved the challenge of running a business and we incorporated in 1996. The process of running a business has been as fascinating as the developments in the technology we work with.

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Business Solutions With Integrity
Tel: 416-805-9296
Email: [email protected]

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36 King St E 4th floor, Toronto, ON, Canada

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