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With competition increasing at a fast pace, it has become very much important for organizations, both small and big to look for ways and means to promote its business and to attract new customers, while retaining the existing ones. Customized USB flash drives are considered to be effective and unique promotional materials and a great advertising medium.
Cost effective
Every organization looks for cost effective and unique trade show giveaways, which is sure to make the attendees to talk about this great gift received by them and to help promoting the brand name. This wonderful giveaway is regarded to bring plenty of visitors to the booth. It is possible to buy bulk flash drives which automatically lowers down the prices and makes it much more affordable and a worthwhile gift that can be used by anyone and everyone using a computer. Also, these USB’s could be custom designed with the logo of the organization, brand image or theme, a shape design, mascot, or have any color added to it, including giving it any desired shape. This is a great way to increase traffic at the trade show, to get the organization better recognition from the public on a particular product that has been recently launched and which the organization desires to promote.
Proper planning
It is necessary to give some thought as to what type of style or design the USB is to have. In case the organization is into micro brewery, for instance, then the following can be undertaken. The USB can be made of the company’s logo and a miniature replication of the beer bottles of the company, or bottle cap opener. Possibilities are simply endless. However, one is to remember that the promotional material is to have the company’s logo, address, name, and contact information printed on it for easier and better recognition. It needs to be understood that the trade show giveaways get conducted to remind potential customers of trade show experience.
Other innovative features
The custom USB drives can have other interesting features like information and marketing tools preloaded for end users. It could be of PDF, office, documents, images or music format. The custom USB could be shipped with every information as desired being preloaded in it. The company logo could even display as custom icon, thereby making visual impression whenever the user plugs it. These drives could be created from different materials, like leather, plastic, metal and wooden that is eco friendly.
These are fast becoming a popular option among organizations as a better way to promote their brand, since the USB flash drive are quite useful and would find itself in constant use. This is also something innovative in nature and can help the educated user to get reminded about the organization and product whenever using it.

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