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I'm a 36 year old woman who found this site after looking for information regarding weight management. I'm fairly active (I belly dance, I do kung fu, and I also play ice hockey) but I still have trouble with my weight due to emotional eating.

I'm a mother of three, and a grandmother of one amazingly beautiful, intelligent granddaughter. My eldest son (20) is currently in jail for a crime he committed, and although sentencing has not occurred as yet, we expect he will be there for at least two years.

As a parent, we do our very best to raise our children to not be sucked into these activities but sometimes they are.

I work for a family and community support service, supporting and providing care, comfort, a listening ear and a helping hand to those who are in need in our community. While this job is extremely rewarding, it is also fraught with elements beyond my control.

I'm a woman of faith, I believe that there is a God above us who cares deeply about our concerns and I place faith in the ransom sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. I believe sometimes that I wouldn't be able to cope without the provision of prayer and I rely heavily on that privilege.

I'm friendly, but blunt and I'm hoping to make more friendships here.

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Oct 10


Always maintaining that my desire for success is greater than my fear of failure.


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