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My struggle with weight began as soon as I started puberty, though it ballooned after I endured rape in my late teens. I felt so much shame and self-loathing over the rape, that I eventually repressed the trauma and kept it buried for 7 years within the extra 45 pounds I proceeded to pile on my petite 5’2” frame. On one particular day, I came face to face to with myself in a store mirror and looked into my eyes for the first time in a long time. The feeling of disappointment in how I was treating myself inspired me to lose the extra weight. Unbeknown to me however, was that the toughest challenge still to come would be healing from the rape trauma, which would resurface shortly after I reached my weight loss goals.

In a single flash I remembered who I was, what I’d dreamed of becoming along with the life I’d wanted to lead. Consequently I also recognized that everything about my life was a lie and needed to change. Building a life that reflects your authentic self is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself, no matter how long it takes you. Since I couldn't relate to traditional therapy and coaching, I did the work myself and then chose to become the source for others, which I was unable to find for me. Today I bring a fresh and savvy alternative to personal wellness as a Personal Strategist. I cut to the chase, remove the mystery and focus solely on results. I also appreciate that much of what makes me so effective with others is my personal experience. I've been there; hence I know how to fast track any kind of desired adjustment in your life.

What I’ve learned most is that you have the ability to be more than any trauma or challenge. Despite those challenges, you can create a fabulous and fulfilling life. Most significantly, you can use what you’ve been through to empower yourself and others —and it all starts with learning how to put yourself first.

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Charly Emery


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Dec 5

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Business is your life, success means putting you first with a winning strategy!

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