Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are so common that most women get them at some point in their lives. And nearly all will tell you, it’s an unpleasant experience. The symptoms of a UTI may ...

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Lately I have been experiencing pain for about 4 weeks, I have gone to the doctor and first there were signs of a UTI, so she gave me medication for 3 days. The next week it still wasn't gone, so ...

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i have been on antibiotics on and off for over a year, they do not stop the infection, my urine is very dark and cloudy, it smells and nearly always has traces of blood in it. Doctor said having a ...

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Via UnsplashI'm 19. I don't have frequent UTI's or anything. This just started earlier today and has gotten worse within the last couple of hours. As of right now, I have peed 5 or 6 times ...

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I suffer from a nearly constant UTI (Urinary tract infection). My doctor has told me that it is probably because I have a lot of sex (with one partner) and sex changes the pH of the vagina. She ...

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This is a very common question I get from my female patients, both young and old. Many seem convinced that cranberry juice or pills can stop a urinary tract infection (UTI) in its tracks when they ...

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