@awhymommy died last night. She was a mother of two young children, a planetary scientist, a blogger, and an activist for more research and awareness of metastatic breast cancer. I encourage you ...

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My sister is a 22 year breast cancer survivor but it wasn't this type. I would like some information on this IBC and what my friend can expect from this disease. What causes this type of ...

Claudia413 commented on Anonymous' post I have never heard of IBC until my best friends sister was diagnosed earlier this week. I have read bits and pieces on the internet and it sounds grim. She already seems to have given up. Where can i find info for her?

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His statements on "What Causes IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) are so shockingly bad I am amazed you still have it up on your site. There are so many "specialists" in this field that you COULD ...

Claudia413 commented on Anonymous' post Why in the world is Dr. Harness' video still up (and now recirculating the internet) after you removed it?