Hormone Replacement Therapy is an option for some women to get through the side effects of menopause. Prior to 2001 most women were put on HRT if they complained to their physician about ...

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I am 50 years old. Had a cone biopsey for mild cervical dysplasia in March 09. I was clear unitl February 2011 another abnormal pap, dyplasia is back. Had a Leep done in September (cowboy hat) ...

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Written by Editors, The Menopause Minute www.redhotmamas.org The research consisted of following a group of approximately 400 women ages 30-40+ who had not yet hit menopause at the start ...

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ten years now anyway. However, since the lens replacement, I now have double vision all day, every day. I have to close one eye to read highway signs. What happened and can it be fixed.? I do ...

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