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I am a retired soldier and in 1994 I deployed to Haiti and after that I started having migraines and also having sprained ankles and pulled hamstrings from doing things that I normally do like lifting and running. In 1996 I was transferred to Hawaii and in 1998 I got sick and at first they told me they did not know what was wrong with me and later said it was pancreatitis. In 1999 I was stationed at Fort Benning, GA and while at work I had problems and had to be hospitialized and again they said it was pancreatitis. in Sept 2000 I had the skin problems in my face (mask/butterfly) which started in 1999 and went to see the doctor and he just looked at me and said " you don't have Lupus just achy joints". Also, I had one doctor test me and told me that the test he took to see if I had lupus showed that I had 6 of 11 positives for it and that Dr. was transferred and the others would not listen to me just try to treat me for high blood pressure. In 07 I was finally diagnosed with Lupus and started on the Plaquenil for it. In Apr 2009 My Appendix ruptured and the Dr did not check and once again diagnosed me with pancreatitis which was not the case and I could have died but the Dr. said the Plaquenil saved my life because I walked around with a burst appendix for 10 days and I have a high pain tolerance. So I have been getting the run around from the doctors that I was seeing while in the military.

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