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Why there is such a big difference in deciding what is the True A1C level number for pre-diabetic or diabetic people. I have a tendency not to believe in these fake numbers. I think it's all created for Pharmaceutical Companies so they can make more money on us-Humans. Same with the sugar levels. I won't even touch the HBP. It is ridiculous to even think that we have to use all these meds to make use feel healthy or better. People need to educate themselves on Home Nutrition and not on Pharma Nutrition. Get off the chair and couch and do your homework, I did. And I am telling you, eating healthy food which is not always cheap, but it is healthy is good for everyone. I read a lot of on the Internet about all kinds of stuff how to stay healthy. I shop in Asian Markets. Yes, Asian Markets because they have the Nutritional vegetables, we need to eat. The list of "regular" veggies in US markets do not offer the health herbs and veggies we should eat. And if they are accessible they are ridiculously expensive. Asian markets give you all health and money back in ten folds. Supplements you asking? NO, you do not have to buy supplements either. That's another myth. I have been diagnosed with HBP and Diabetes Oh yes. I am 60 years old. And guess what? I don't take any meds. Why? Because I read and use common sense. Do you know why Okinawa people live a long life? They do no take Meds. They eat healthy stuff. Do you know what's is the main course of their dish? Fish. Yes! fish. Vegetables. and Wierd very weird veggies, that you can only learn how to cook from Asian kitchen. I was lucky enough to live past 17 years with Filipino family and I am telling you, all my numbers for HBP and Diabetes has gone down to normal levels. The Doctor is asking me what do I do. I am not telling. They still insist they I have HBP and diabetes Ha ha ha ha ha. let them have it I am laughing. So as I refused to take any meds, I feel really good. I go to Doctor just to have fun and tell him what I eat and stuff, and he won't give it up. LOL. It's really minded bugling the difference each site has on numbers and information how to treat HBP and Diabetes but not to prevent and cure in the normal home setting.s Harma Conspiracy is huge, the only way you and I can defeat them is to use common sense and do your homework. Yes, I am mentioning "homework" because it is up to you, not the Doctor if you gonna live long or short if you be sick or healthy. The doctor is only the messenger for the Pharma and we paying for his "education" on how to treat but not how to prevent. I have recently done by LabCorp A1C and I had 5.9 (The Reference Range: 4.8-5.6 %) but many sites showing the Reference Range: 4.8-5.9 % or even 6.0 and sugar level was 15.8. Seems to me all is normal pre-diabetics level. I give you two drinks I drink. They both from India, "Bitter Gourd" and "Tumeric". OK, I give you one more. In the morning I make a tea, not just a tea. But a tea of healthy herbs, (You can buy them everywhere). Put a root (chop in mall pieces) Ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, and simmer on small (fire) electric stove whatever you have in the kitchen, build on low do not go crazy boiling for 15 minutes and drink hot or cold. Everyday For HBP and Diabetes also helps other health issues. But read about each individual herb to educate yourself. I drink "Bitter Gourd" or some call ( Bitter melon) every day on empty stomach and it proves it is working. I drink my Herb Tea every day few times a day (It's good for you) I drink Tumeric. And one of the Kings of all Kings of drinks is, of course, the Apple Cider Viniger, not the one you buy - commercial one. But must be Brigss (No I do not get paid for the name using here). It's my testimony that works. 1-3 times a day.
Don't eat carbs, no noodles either please. That what is "killing" you and your liver and pancreas. No buns, no cakes no "Starbucks" I hate Starbucks anyway. No sweet teas in tea houses. I can go on and on with list what not to eat. And you will be right there are few things you can actually eat and stay healthy. but healthy you will be.
If you wonder about my grammar sorry for that, English is my second language I was born in Poland. I hope that helps to understand my writing. To Your Health I drink my meal. C.K.

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