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Wow..this is a biggy. Well, 1st I will list the names of all of the chronic ones. I have Fibromyalgia, arthritis (which I suspect is RA, not diagnosed officially as of yet), Graves disease (thyroid),
IBS, Gastro Paresis and these are the ones I know of.
Pain currently due to the Fibro, arthritis and I have had it discovered thru exrays, and a nerve study testing, that I have pinched nerves in my cervical spine as well as some degenerative issues in my lower back spine. I have experienced numbing, tingling and weakness in hands, fingers and arms. This occurs on and off randomly. I have a ringing or noise in my ears that never goes away. I have headaches that occur in my neck and then my lower back of my head which in my mind can be caused by either RA or the pinched nerves. My favorite activity to alleviate some symptoms and get my cardio and stretching and weight resistance, is doing my routine in the pool. Having the water for resistance is easier on my body as there is zero gravity in the water.
I also suffer from a sleepiness that just overwhelms me and comes without warning. I can be sitting up like I am now and typing or reading and it is so strong that I can just fall asleep no matter what I am doing.
For my mental health, I do also have or been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and taking Strattera which has helped. It had been found that I had renal cell carcinoma when I was just 47 yrs old when diagnosed. It was found at stage 1 so the decision though as it was encapsulated, was to remove the kidney with a complete nephrectamy. This was in 2008 and until I receive my final CAT at the 5 yr mark, I can say that I have been CANCER free!. I should be getting that last one soon. My health issues actually started as a teen.. I can remember being tired and sore and not wanting to do much in the way of Physical Education or get involved in sports. So most of my life I have been dealing with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. Was finally diagnosed in the 80's. Now I am 54 and still battling all of these issues. We just found out about 6 weeks ago with no advance warning that my husband has terminal ADENO CARCINOMA which originates in the stomach/esophagus region. It is stage 4 and is TREATABLE but not CURABLE. It metastesized to his brain, liver and lympnodes. The dr's are saying that it had only started prior to when we discovered it about 7-8 mnths!..fastest growing cancer compared to pancreatic cancer. So, right now between my own health issues and caring for my spouse life is not easy and every day is a challenge but I JUST KEEP SWIMMING!..

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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..what do we do we SWIM!

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