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When I was 18 I started having back pain and I relyed on chiropractic care to keep me mobile. By age 35 my L3=L2 disc broke and slipped out crushing the nerve to my right leg. My disc had broken into 3 parts and the Dr's left the largest part in place and removed the other 2 pieces. I had wonderful a wonderful result of 10 years of great back health, but then I started to have pain and weakness. Four Doctors and 4 years later I found a wonderful surgeon willing to work with me and we started with replacing my right hip. Recovery was slow and poor and a year later realized I needed my left hip replaced. Back health is good again!!! But, at the time when I started having the back pain I was overloaded with multiple problems. Menopause, enlarged thyroid, severe bouts of diarrhea....I was overwhelmed. Over the years I have slowly been able to sort some of it out. Menopause took care of itself, (thank God), scans and a biopsy have shown no problems with the thyroid, so then I could focus on the diarrhea. As each year passed, it got worse and worse. Now, it's every day with an urgency that forces me to always be close to a bathroom. I have had lots of tests done, 3 colonoscopys, seen an alternative health clinic and dietician, and a nutritionist, all with no good results. (Some results were disastrous - upping my fiber intake had me in the bathroom 20, 25 times a day!!!) So now I'm stuck at home and I rarely want to leave. I always take a chance when I'm away from a toilet, and I have left a trail of ruined underwear in various public bathrooms!!! (wrapped up in paper towels and tucked down deep in the garbage can - YUK!!) HELP!!

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May 23

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