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Derrick Dortch

I am at present staying in central Michigan working as an independent writer, but I spent my youth on a asparagus farm in southern Nebraska. I just graduated with a diploma in communications from Michigan State University, where I continually keep the worst record in pick up hockey games. My earliest duty right after college was at a marble factory, where I counted the number of marbles in every package. Running the elevators at luxurious hotels is my dream job for the future.

My greatest interest in life is landscaping and my leading fear is that I am too short to experience theme park rollercoasters. My favorite hobbies and interests include purchasing baseball cards, scrap-booking and sampling cheese, around my down time. I became the captain of the robotics organization, when we claimed the national title for making a robot that could prepare spaghetti and meatballs from scratch in junior high school Getting to know the name of every different sort of bread across the world in my main achievement in daily life. My 2 gorgeous girls, who I'm exceptionally pleased with, are working to become sumos in Asia.

Derrick Dortch
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San Juan Capistrano, CA United States

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