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I am a Transsexual Woman, I have chronic back pain,Fibromyalgia and Diabetes. I am married to a wonderful woman who also has "Debilitating Back Problems" and Fibromyalgia. We have both had these problems for over 10 years, Faith had her first back operation in 1995, a triple fusion in 2003 and a spinal stimulater implant in 2009. We are both now 100% disabled ( Faith since 2000 & myself since 2009) our biggest challenge now is taking care of each other. This is made all the more challenging due to the side effects of years of narcotic pain medication ( Faith 1997 & myself 2004). So to put it bluntly we are two sick, drug dependent women struggling to lead something like a normal life.
We joke with each other that we are Involuntary "Heroin Addicts" (the slang term for one of the drugs we both take is "Hillbilly Heroin") trying to care for each other. At times it is all we can do to just make food, much less clean house, do laundry and yard work.
We both feel that we are truly blessed because we have my military health care & prescription drug coverage, if we had to survive on medicare I do not know how we would make it. Thank God that "We have each other" because without that Life would be much harder to face.

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Donna Marie


Rogers, AR United States


No Woman ever made History by being a "Good Girl"! Eleanor Roosevelt's Quote as paraphrased by Madonna.

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