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In my late 40's I started having problems with my digestive system and soon landed in the hospital numerous times for diverticulitis and found that my colon was considered fully pouched for the rest of my life. I also found out that I also have Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I had to under go an entire diet change. I could no longer eat nuts, seeds, popcorn, berries or basically anything with seeds or hulls which included certain fruits such as grapes. I went back to work and started having issues with pain and swelling in the joints of my hands, fingers, knees and shins. I would wake up at night with horrible charlie horses in the calves of my legs, my vision would blur and then the swelling in my hands and knees appeared. The next step was blood tests at the doctor's office for RA which runs in my family. The test results came back in the normal range but on the very high side for RA. The next week I ended up in the ER because of excessive swelling in the hands, fingers and wrists. Again the blood tests came back in normal ranges but still on the high side. The ER doctor stated he felt I was developing RA and should follow up with my family doctor. I went to my new doctor today and had another bomb dropped on me. They now think I am lacking enough vitamin D and that I am bordering on hypothyroidism.

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