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Shadowmoon Shuangzun are two hermits in the Demon World. Both of them are stronger than Emperor Ming in terms of seniority and strength. However, the shadow and the moon are extremely low-key, and only a few of the demon emperors in the demon world and the top masters from all walks of life know their existence. After Luo Tianxian and Fei Changfang were seriously injured by Tianmo for the first time, they hid in the realm of cultivation to recover from their injuries. When the injury was basically recovered, he ran back to the fairy world and reported the matter of the day witch in detail. From several artifacts of the day witch, Ming Di and others have inferred that she has a great relationship with the shadow and moon of the demon world. When Emperor Haotian, the former Lord of the Immortal World, had not yet ascended, the Shadow and Moon had both reached the strength of a hermit. Emperor Ming knew this better than anyone, so there was no need. Even he didn't want to provoke these two old guys. So knowing that the day witch was making trouble in the realm of cultivation, he sent Gu Yao Tianjun, who was relatively careful and talkative, to go down. If he met the day witch, he would let her retreat in the face of difficulties. Unexpectedly, Gu Yao Tianjun and others met Qianluo Demon Emperor in the lower world. Ming Di, as the immortal emperor of the immortal world, naturally has a way to contact the shadow and the moon. But their reply left him speechless. It is obvious that the other side is determined to protect the shortcomings this time, although the punishment of a thousand years has been very heavy, but the actions of Qianluo Demon Emperor have damaged the reputation of the fairy world. He knew that with the cultivation of the Shadow and the Moon, he should have crossed the divine plunder and ascended to the divine world long ago. They have been staying in this world, is it true that they have anything to do with that witch? Plus Qianluo Demon Emperor also suddenly appeared,drum spill pallet, is it possible that these two old guys are so quiet that they really want to make some moves? "You restrain the immortals first, and this is the end of the matter." When Emperor Ming finished, his figure gradually faded and finally disappeared. Zilei Xiandi and Guanglan Xiandi looked at each other and soon left here. They all knew that once Emperor Ming had something difficult to choose, he would go to his old friends to discuss it. Ming Di's friend, of course, is also one of the few masters in the whole fairy world. Only when the strength reaches their level can we see something between them and the immortals. Chapter 55 is beginning to take shape. Qiyu sat quietly in his newly opened cave to practice. After the eleven disciples took Zhuji Dan, their skills improved greatly to varying degrees. Gu Tianhong and other six casual practitioners who had benefited from it were also satisfied to find a place to open up a cave to practice at ease. Qi Yu spent half a month on the island to arrange a large gathering array, and after explaining some things to Lin Tiexin,collapsible pallet box, he began to retreat. As for the construction of the mountain gate, these things were left to Lin Tiexin and Zhang Ye. The reason why Qiyu wants to retreat is that his present cultivation is still at the second level of the true meaning of Tianhuo. In his own opinion, if he meets Sanxian now, he has no chance of winning. It is impossible to say that there are few masters behind such a well-organized force as Taixuanmen. Qi Yu thought a lot, and the eight practitioners he met after Xiao Ming Lang Tian obviously belonged to another force. They stared directly at themselves, presumably as long as they appeared in the place where there were many practitioners, the other side would take action. Therefore, he should try his best to improve his ability. He did not use the elixir, but slowly absorbed the aura and transformed it into immortal power. The true meaning of celestial fire is the first and foundation of divine fire formula. In order to lay this foundation, he slowed down and kept refining his energy. The outside of the cave has its own forbidden protection. Unbeknownst to Qiyu, who was practicing meditation, the island they lived on, named Mingyuan Island, was changing rapidly as the years passed. With the help of Gu Tianhong and others, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible pallet bin, twelve disciples of Mingyuan Sect, headed by Lin Tiexin, built a large temple. In addition to practicing, they cut down wood and move stones to build the buildings that sects should have. As a realist, I don't feel hard to do this. Forty-two years later, Qi Yu left the pass. The last layer of the true meaning of the sky fire, he has fully understood, the skill is also pure and concise to a certain degree of heat. Compared with the ancient immortals who have been in seclusion for thousands of years, the progress of Qiyu's practice is still very fast. However, his transformed constitution is very good, plus the original refining of the Nanming from the fire, understanding the true meaning of this day of fire, is also relatively easy. The second aspect of the divine fire formula is to condense the realm of the celestial fire. Sky fire is more overbearing than Nanming fire, and its power is naturally much more terrible.
Qi Yu did not force a breakthrough to the second level, because in the realm of cultivation, the present cultivation is enough to protect itself. In order to practice more smoothly in the future, he felt it necessary to spend time to accumulate and understand. Walking out of the cave, Qiyu saw the sect hall that had been basically completed. Although the hall, which is entirely made of huge stones, lacks a lot of color, it also looks a little grand on this island. Qiyu's spiritual consciousness covered the whole Mingyuan Island in an instant. Gu Tianhong, Kong Ran and Qian Yang are telling Zhao Bao, Xia Lin and others about their cultivation experience. Lin Tiexin, Lian Jie, Lian Yu, and Zhang Ye are all in seclusion. Zhao Bao and Xia Lin have reached the yuan Ying period, but Qi Yu can see that their realm is not stable enough, obviously, the two people are eager to revenge, for the growth of power is not well controlled. On the contrary, it is the sisters of the Lian family who cleverly stabilize their skills and realms in the period of spiritual silence. Lin Tiexin has also reached the period of spiritual silence, and the realm is stable enough. According to the practice time, Lin Tiexin is actually the shortest, but Qiyu is very clear, only a hundred years later, his cultivation will far exceed Zhao Bao and Xia Lin. Gu Tianhong has reached the middle of the robbery. The plunder period is a very embarrassing time, because the plunder does not necessarily wait until the end of the plunder to fall, and many practitioners can have a premonition of the coming of the plunder in a few years before they reach the end of the period. Generally, after having a premonition, they will face a disaster in a few years. This is a very subtle feeling, which is commonly known as the interaction between heaven and man. Kong ran is already in the early stage of the robbery, and Qian Yang is still in the late stage of the robbery. They don't have much pressure now, because there is the immortal Qiyu, when the time comes, as long as they casually refine one or two defensive immortals, it will be almost no problem to cross the robbery. Qi Yu appeared silently beside them. A group of people stood up, and Zhao Bao and others quickly knelt down. Senior. "Master." Obviously,plastic pallet suppliers, under the education of Lin Tiexin, a big brother who respected his teacher very much, the other eleven disciples were also meticulous about this kind of etiquette. binpallet.com

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