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My first workout program was Insanity ( i was 137lb)! I lost about ten pounds after 3 months. My second workout program was ChaLean extreme, I lost another 7 pounds! I ate healthy (sort of he, he) and drank shakeology every morning! I got so addicted to shakeology! For awhile I was drinking it twice a day! After seven months, (just before my husband got back from deployment) I got down to 120 pounds and FINALLY I fit a size 5! This was in fall of 2011.

Now my fitness goals are to tone up! NOT TO JIGGLE AS I BOUNCE OR JUMP! LOL

(update) 2/2012 I competed the p90x fitness program and now I'm able to do a pull up! Read all about my journey at www.a-mothers-fitness2love.com... I will continue to gain muscle and achieve more goals!

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