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Frankan Bennici

I am in a twelve step program..i was in several car accidents and had surgery..i was addicted to the morphine sulfate..plus sleep meds..YES..even though these were prescribed to me...I waited impatiently for the 6th hour to re-boot..so to speak..cunnning..baffling and insidious!! TODAY..I wear a TENS unit for a herniated L5..and exercise..eat healthy and drown myself in recovery and spiritual things ..I realised that by "stepping out of my comfort zone"..I empowerd myself..thus..carrying the message..THERE IS HOPE!

Frankan Bennici
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Frankie Stardust


Los Angeles, 0 U.S.A.


Thy will be done not MINE...Let GO and LET GOD...Greater is HE than me. "Turn it over" God is in the driver's seat...MIND MY OWN BIZ..trust GOD and CLEAN HOUSE..ATTRACTION..not PROMOTION.


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