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In 1998 my senior year in high school I got a sever kidney infection. One hospital told me it was a ovarian cyst and the second thought it was my Appendix.. Who was my mother and I to argue so they set up the surgory and in I went.. After while eating ice cream my temp went sky high and I could not breath.. When I woke up three days later I was in icu with a breathing machine and tide down so I could not pull tubes out... Turns out I had a sever kidney infection and when they open me up the infection spread like wild fire and caused my lungs to collapse three weeks in icu and a life time of Bad Bad kidney infections always on the right side always hit the same way... Fast foward some many years and Pregnant with our second child I developed a condition that every time I ate the food felt like it would get lodged in my chest after many episodes my body would decide to throw everything in my system up resulting in hospital stays... This happen many time and I had my gullbladder removed thinking it could be a cause... Now I am on nitrostat and recently had a episode took one and it did the job... Massive headache but it worked...

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Winchester, IL


Nov 15


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