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I was a stay at home Mom for 22 years. The down fall in this was that my now ex-husband was abusive. This left me with a TBI. I did not know the extent of damage until after my divorce and I obtained my bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology and then went on to get my Master’s in Counseling. I had to stop school 26 credits in my Master’s and quit my job as a case worker for the mentally disabled because of my memory problems. I was diagnosed with early onset dementia because of the TBI. Wow…. Now I’m on my meds for memory but still digging for other answers. Too young you know ?!

I am also a survivor of sexual abuse that had happened in my home as a child by a family member. I was also sexually assaulted as a preteen by a stranger. Because of this I have high Anxiety some days less, some days more. I didn’t realize I had healing left to do until I became a case worker for mentally ill adults. Some days I feel as though I’m a broken and shattered precious stone that can’t be put back together. Other days I feel as though all is well and good. I’ve always had high anxiety probably because of this. I’ve learned to deal with it most of the time but I have my days.

I was also diagnosed with degenerative disk disease in my twenties. I didn’t think anything of the diagnoses and went on with life until three years ago when I had C5-C7 fused successfully. They say I’ll need other surgeries but I don’t know about that. They also say I should be in more pain than I am. I think I will be fine.

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Jenny McNulty


Dec 21


"Forgiveness is the promise that I will no longer hold that failure against you." Unknown As in Psalm 91:4 -- He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Wise people listen more than they talk. "While you’re on your way to where you’re going, enjoy where you are. Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you decide to enjoy your life". ♪♫♪

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