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In our organism there are 13 vitamins: 4- fat soluble a, d, e, k, and 9 water soluble. These all vitamins help our organism to live a healthy life. Each of these vitamins has their own work to do. If the level this or that vitamin gets lower, it means we have any kind of problems with our health. The high strength of vitamin b complex does a great job to our body, reduces the risk of neural tube defects during pregnancy, provides relief from symptoms of anemia kidney and liver disorders, and very important for metabolism. Vitamin c supplements - https://www.greenvits.eu/collections/vitamin-c - are strong antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums. Vitamin c, d, omega 3 are in tablets and in capsules, the latter is very easy to swallow. We buy and use vitamin d from the first days of our life. It regulates the calcium and phosphorus absorption, preserves the health of bones and teeth, bolsters the health of the immune system, etc.

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