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Reaching out to help others who are struggling or who have beaten the PPD or any life changing events that they have faced!Share.. Sat at 12:18am | Edit Note | Delete
I can not begin to describe what I have been through these past few years, sometimes I I look up and thank him for blessing me with the WILL and FIGHT in me to make each day that I live the happiest I have ever had. I also feel this is something very important for all my Friends, Family and strangers that I cross paths with along the way to understand a little better about me and what I went through and what has made me who I am today! I have overcome a huge obstacle in my life and I am willing to share and spread this importance of this PPD and what woman actually struggle with during the most Blessed time in my life. I have taken into my own hands by reaching out to our professional and was reated with the wrong Meds which made matters worse for me and also caused 2 other life changing events that I had to be actively invovled with for the rest of my Life and would not change it for anything in this World. I have been in fully Remission for over 3 years and have to still deal with the battle of my Child in a Custody case as I will not go down with out a fight. My boys are my pride and joy and I will do anything for for boys,as they deserve to learn and grow into Handsome Men with all Life has to offer them. I have to be a Proud person for overcoming something that is looked upon Negative when dealing with our Judicial system and feel that it is unfair to use such an Emotional thing you have overcome in a Negative Matter. This is something that can happen to anyone and also in so many ways. If someone has a life changing event that occurs, it totally takes you from the real world and throws you into a World of the unknown.. This needs to be a more Positive viewing when people who struggled and overcome a life changing thing and are happy, freely spirited and have learned it was a Blessing with the way life has changed you.
I have become a Stronger person inside and out and refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise, I have learned that I was not happy with my Life before this and have totally changed my outlook on life.. I put God first, Boys and Family and then comes me! I have too much to much to share and all the time in the world to get it out, baby steps is what I am taking and that is how I look at life as one stepping stone leads to the next on this journey I was put here on Earth to do. With that, I ask that you take a moment to read a little and if you know of anyone who is in need, feel free to send them my way as I am very open-minded, caring and willing to give a ear to someone in need.. There are finer things in life and we all try and live with all the Materialistic things that still end up leaving an empty void in our life.. Somedays we wonder why we have everything we wanted to only realize that we have been living with what we hae Wanted verses what our Needs are.. SO again please feel free to ask any questions or post only positive things to help someone who is in need right now!!
I have been through alot and have beaten PPD which I had a Severe Case with misdiagnoises and wrong Meds that created a Bigger mess and delayed my Recovery time! I think that this is something that needs to be known and also talked about very openly as we as Woman who have Survived can reach out and help those who are currently struugling from this and are to scared to speak up and seek treatment. This is Real and needs to be recognized in a Positive view when you reach out and seek help vs it looked upon as a Negative thing. I am currently in a Serious battle with my Ex and also had a GAL report that was very one sided and I will not stand to feel that I was in the wrong for what I did (seek helped) and have my Boys relationship with me dewindle to less time because of my Ex. He never mentioned that i was unfit until 2 years after we seperated and went in to our Settlement Conference, if I was unfit, don't you think that he would have done something earlier with this then right when we go in to try and settle our Custody battle and Divorce.. This is something that needs to be addressed in our Judicial system and not used against us when we take advantage of what our Medical Insurance offers to us to help us overcome this battle that we face during the most rewarding time in our Life and the Joys of bringing a Baby into this World that we have. It is one thing if we were not to reach out and seek the help and something happens, in my case, nothing did and thoughts are just thoughts.. So again please join me in this conversation and any insight as to how to battle my case in court or mediation is very much appreciated!

I wish all well and if you have questions or need anyone to talk with, feel free to contact me...

Life is too short to live under one person view, we need to speak up and be heard.. Be proud that we overcome a huge thing in a very stressful time in our Lifes and that we have beaten this to enjoy the finer things in life.
Do not be a victim of Domestic Violence, speka up so that people are aware of your situation as it will help you escape and live the Life you were meant to live!
Best wishes to all,

Thank you,


These are the Blessing that I was able to bring into this world to Love and Cherish no matter what thrown at me and I will fight to protect them as they are my Pride and Joy!
but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Jeremiah 29:11

The dove is a symbol of innocence, gentleness, and affection; also, in art and in the Scriptures, the typical symbol of the Holy Ghost. God sent his spirit in the form of a dove to gather mankind into his church. The meanings of the colors of the dove are:

A dove returned to Noah with an olive branch to let him know that the flood waters had abated, and that the Great Flood of God's judgment was over:

Gen. 8:10 He waited seven more days and again sent out the dove from the ark. 11 When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth.

Matthew 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

John 1:32 And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him.

The dove was the harbinger of peace to Noah (Gen. 8:8, 10). It is often mentioned as the emblem of purity (Ps. 68:13).

It is a symbol of the Holy Spirit (Gen. 1:2; Matt. 3:16; Mark 1:10; Luke 3:22; John 1:32); also of tender and devoted affection (Cant. 1:15; 2:14).

David in his distress wished that he had the wings of a dove, that he might fly away and be at rest (Ps. 55:6-8).

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You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent effort that you gave - win or lose. Train your hardest and give your all and weather you come out with a Win or Lose atleast you know the other person worked just as hard or harder than you!!! There are certain things that drive my life: emotion, vision, passion, compassion and inspiration. These things reside inside my spirit (heart) and are transferred into my mind, from my mind to my body and my body transforms it into action. If you want to enjoy life and see many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies. Peter 3:10 Sometimes Life changes can throw you for a Loop, in the end it comes down to how you Fight them and realize how Strong you can be. If Life was to easy, we would not have anything to Fight or Live for!! always trust your intuition.. its the strongest feeling you'll ever have... stronger than both love and hate. I've read the rules. I've tried the rules. The rules are stupid, & I'm making my own from now on. Nothing in life is too much for me to handle, after the mountains I climbed to get where I am today. I will not let you take me back down! be aware, this girl fights for what she deserves! laugh until u fall on the floor, smile until u cant feel Ur lips, dream until there are no dreams to dream, and live until there is no life to live =}!!! Go Big or Go Home!! If not Me-Who, If not Now-When, Train to be a Champion!!! believes Imperfection Is Beauty, Madness is Genius, & It's Better To Be Absolutely Ridiculous Than Absolutely Boring .. Life isn't about what you get out of it; it's about what you make of it. Don't look back to where you've been unless you are planning on foing that direction, I choose to keep my eyes on where I'm going. reckons, if life feels like an up hill struggle at the moment , just remember the view from the top maybe breath taking !! When you lie, expect your lies to catch up to you! Don't blame others for your own drama!

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