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I'm Tiffany Matthews and my brand is Live Better Boomer!, a division of my company, Exclusive Solutions (ExSo). I have authored a line of e-books through Live Better Boomer! brand about issues that baby boomers NEED to know about healthcare, to show Boomers how to become an advocate for their best healthcare.

Live Better Boomer!'s philosophy is to teach a person to fish...and answers are available through LBB! products 24/7. What advocacy agency or patient navigator is going to be available at 2AM?

I formed Live Better Boomer!, which provides healthcare advocacy & access information to baby boomers, the elderly, the chronically ill, and their caregivers because navigating the healthcare system is frustrating. My products include e-books, coaching packages (where I will assist customers in their learning how to advocate for themselves), speaking engagements and resources. I will also have a website available for subscribers, who will get exclusive content about healthcare and eldercare. I will give an insider's point of view on healthcare issues, because of my career as a healthcare social worker.

I have been a social worker in a variety of settings - including hospitals, nursing homes, advocacy companies and area agencies on aging - since 1994. I have worked with the elderly, children, and MR/DD consumers.

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Tiffany (Farmer) Matthews


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