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Help me

Hi i need sum advice i got my period on 9/11/2015 stayed on till the 9/22/2015 had sex unprotected on 9/25/2015 bleed for like a week then my breast been itching an been peeling about maybe a couple of days later my breast stared to have like a tingling sensation that would come and go now my period is all messed up im 15days late well on the 10/22/2015 when i got up i seen sum light blood in my underwear then i went to the batroom to pee an wiped there was blood but it was not much put on a pad a hour later went back to the bathroom there wasn't anything there i took a pregnancy test 2 of them it was negative so went to there er and the took a pregnancy test and took blood from me still came back negative could i be pregnant please help

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