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For much of my life I have struggled with addiction, to both food and alcohol. But a defining, life-changing moment one fateful night changed the course of my life forever. Following an alcohol induced blackout, I resolved to get sober. In the rawness of my recovery I began to experience episodes of anxiety, and later depression. This eventually led to a complete mental breakdown (2014)

Even though I'd shed 84 pounds off my body and overcome alcohol addiction, I was suffering a different kind of pain. Diagnosed with Clinical Depression, I felt utterly helpless as everything I once loved, gradually fell away.

Depression changes everything! Prior to my diagnosis, I was physically active, confident and happy. I'd recently qualified as a personal trainer and dreamed of starting my own fitness business. But with my diagnosis and worsening symptoms I had to accept that I would not be starting the fitness business I had dreamed of. Despite the adage of physical exercise being helpful for combating depression, I was struggling to maintain my fitness.

It's not easy trying to make sense of the biological storm raging in your brain when you have depression. So earlier this year (2018) I resolved to share my knowledge and experiences through blogging (www.bravetreasures.com). My hope is shine light on the struggle, because there is still so much we don’t understand about this invisible illness.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me and my story.

Holistic Sculptress
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