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Physical Therapy is a well-defined body of medicine that deals with the use of physical agents such as exercise, motion, heat, cold, electricity, light, sound in the recuperation and rehabilitation of a diseased or injured body. While it is well defined, it is also a growing science where new treatments and approaches are discovered, invented and researched every day. It is important to understand that as these changes happen and as these approaches evolve; your therapist should be able to incorporate these in your care so that you are able to reach your maximum potential in the most cost effective manner.

Before you begin physical therapy, there are a few good questions to ask to be sure that the physical therapist and the clinic is a good fit for you (Sears).

1. Rapport

When you attend physical therapy, you should feel like you and your Huntington Beach physical therapist are engaged in a therapeutic alliance to help you move better and feel better. You don't have to be best pals with your physical therapist, but you should feel comfortable with your physical therapist and feel like a positive therapeutic relationship has been created between the two of you. Communication lines should always feel open.

Could one have a positive physical therapy experience with very little rapport with a physical therapist? YES! But if you have attended four sessions with your physical therapist and can't remember his or her name, then you probably are not developing a solid rapport with your PT.

2. Listen and Communicating

All people are biased. It is impossible to get away from it. People have ideas about how things should be done, and sometimes it can be difficult to stray from those ideas and methods. You physical therapist has specific skills and methods that he or she has learned over the years to help treat patients. He may be biased to certain treatment methods. But sometimes those specific methods may not work for you. If that is the case, talk to your physical therapist about changing your rehab program to suit your needs. If your physical therapist is unwilling to modify your treatment program a bit to help you, perhaps you should find a new PT.

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