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the RLS staring in 2007 after 5 years retired from my last job,the field moving job, and teac hing job, after lost all my job I am feeling lonely many rest only and then writing in internet blog 4 hours in the morning and four hours afternoon, in one years I feel hypoestehia at foot from ankle to toe, I have made many consultaions with my Neurologist and Internist, the said that my arteriol were blog by athrosclerolis.but I think this not true because I am very long time a sportman,and alway active, may be this a post power syndrom stress, or to long rest the leg, and i starting have more exersice an jogging, the hypoeasthesia became relief,now only on my toe< ihave read all king ond book related to this syndrom,but no same symptom exist, that is why I join this group ,after have information CNN, and the neame Restkleg sundrome I hear for the first tiem,and starting via google seeking info and found this group, I joint to sharing information. Thanks You.

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Feb 9


As a medical doctor(MD) and physician for almost 40 years, I understand RLS have related to my central system, but I only feel hypesthesia when now moving like sleep and sit especially when I work sit in the front of cumputer, now every day two time morning nadter I have jogging excersiec for mhalf and hour,and sit in the fornt of coumputers only maximum one hours I goyt up walking , after that after one years the hypoesthesia became more relief only at my toe, If some one have the same xperience can share with me. In the youngage I am the champion of lawn temmis ,and I joined national police wordk at the field, the systemp appeared after reuterd more that 5 years, may be I am strees of lossing the work and I am starting go around the world ,and get more active work, I hoe some one can give me more info how to handle this mysterius syndrome,I nver study about this during my medical school, this situation many found after years 2000 like many other syndrom. thank very much for more info about RLS.


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