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At 21 i feel honestly like im by myself my world once so calm feels as though its going crazy...At 16 i started feeling weird and losing weight i lost so much weight it was kinda like me being a skeleton. I bleed to me it felt like my family though everything was a joke so i lived with it. Soon it got to the point where i had to see a doctor and i did they told me i had Chrons and gave me pill after pill i had like 8 pills to take a day...After while i got better i stopped taken the pills not because i got better but because i didnt feel like me anymore myself wasnt the same i felt alone and i couldnt concentrate. These last two months the bleeding started again so i saw the doctor again but this time hes telling my i have ulcertive colitis now im even more confused...im so lost i just cant describe how lost i am... thats my story for now...

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San Diego, CA


Today is the day that life is gonna make me better

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