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Hi My name is Jane Lapointe, I'm 35 years old, and I work as a doctor-veterinarian in a private practice. I also run my blog, write posts, for the website about critters https://petexperta.com/. I need to feel that my experience and practice will help someone in composing. All things considered, my passion for animals is enormous, and so I wish to aid their owners, practical advice, recommendations on their own upbringing, maintenance, feeding, etc..
For a veterinarian, you want to get higher education in an institute or academy. And also to become a paramedic, it is sufficient to graduate from some technical secondary school. Yes, it was challenging to research, as an"individual" physician, by way of example, an ophthalmologist researching just his specialty. And to learn these well, you have to have a fantastic memory, perseverance and a terrific desire to understand, not merely to come to Colleges. I am also interested in chemistry, so it is a very intriguing science, love that helps me to find a better cure for a certain circumstance.
Since childhood I have enjoyed animals. During my studies at college I went into the station of young naturalists - a youthful aquarist, a youthful rabbit-head. At age 10 I got on TV.Then, I began to consider who to enroll. I chose to go the path of veterinary medicine, animal therapy. And I do not regret it at all, because I feel it's mine. There are not any happier moments than when you realize that it was one who helped the creature, cured it, and it rejoices in life, feels great, scaling the grips"hugging".
I love when people with tears in their eyes remind me of the saved kitty, for the treated foot. At these moments, I always think: just how great I am, I picked the ideal career that brings a lot of happiness to people. However, at the exact same time, I don't like to hurt animals, also for medical reasons. I don't enjoy it, but I have to. The injection is painful for a creature. However, making just a tiny annoyance, you understand that you rescue the animal from more pain.

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