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Last year I had a kidney infection and I went to emergency, after that I got better, but I kept getting urinary tract infection then I took care of that too. Then I started getting yeast infections so I decided to take charge and take some vitamins which are called acidapholious and it seems to be better, but for some reason I have abdominal pains and I have constipation. It' really hard for me to have an intercourse with my boyfriend, I don't know what to do I tried a lot of things. I go for check up every 3 months, I even got my pelvic checked and everything was fine. I also have lower back pain and upper. I went to professional, but what made it worse I slipped down some stairs. Lately especially this season I am having a lot of sinus problems and I think what' s affecting it is allergies. My eyes get itchy and burn most of the times, I use eye drops for allergies, but I don't know if that's helping me, maybe I should use it more. I have this ear ringing for past 3 years and it doesn't stop. Also what bothers me is acne. I am trying everything, but nothing seems to be working, I really need help.

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Chicago, IL United States


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