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Where to begin! My health has been declining for several years. It all started one morning when I woke up to (what I call)unrelenting head pressure. Obviously I thought something was drastically wrong when I couldn't stop vomiting. My husband took me to the emergency room and I was informed that I was experiencing a migraine. I was sent home with medication. After 5 plus years of Daily head pressure, prescription changes/interactions ( syndrome ), and numerous ER visits a CT of my abdominal revealed a large mass on my right ovary. The Doctors believed that the migraines were a result of hormonal changes. My surgery was scheduled (C-Section w/removal of right ovary, cyst, and uterus) and completed. Although thee surgeon didn't remove my uterus i woke with minimal pain and no head pressure. After 2 weeks of complications following my initial surgery, an additional surgery was scheduled (for laparoscopic - removal of uterus and to check for obstructions) and completed. I woke with unbelievable back pain and I felt horrible. Following my surgery and After several visits to my doctor/surgeon and ER, I was still very ill. My family drove me to Marshfield, WI. Several tests revealed a large infection my abdominal cavity. It took 9 months to remove the infection and an additional surgery to remove all the scar tissue connecting my internal origins.
Currently I use a pain patch to help control the back pain. The infection and surgeries scarred the V. Cuff resulting in painful sex therefor I go in monthly for pain injections into the cuff. In an effort to save my last ovary from cyst damage, I started birth control shots however I'm still having pain so it may not be working.

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