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Jenni Ogden

I am fortunate in that I and my family have great health. I am interested in health and well being personally, but also professionally. My area is clinical neuropsychology and the problems so many people experience following stroke, head injury, brain tumor, dementia, Parkinson and Huntington's diseases and other neurological disorders. I am the author of a popular textbook called "Fractured Minds: A case study approach to clinical neuropsychology," OUP, 2005, but more importantly, I have a new book for the general reader interested in these conditions coming out in December, 2011. It is called "Trouble In Mind" (OUP, New York) and is a collection of easy-to-read stories about patients of mine who have experienced a brain disorder. Each story informs the reader about a particular brain disorder, and explores the extraordinary courage, determination and patience it takes to move forward towards recovery, acceptance of disability and sometimes, death. If you are a student, researchers, or professional in the health and neurosciences, a patient with a neurological disorder or a family member, or a general reader who wants to learn more about brain disorders I think you will enjoy this book. Find out more about it on http://www.jenniogden.com.

Jenni Ogden
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Jenni Ogden


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"Life is mainly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone, Sympathy in another's trouble, Courage in your own!" (This was recited to me by a delightful old man of 100 yrs, when I was about 17 and working as a nurse assistant in my university holidays! Simple, but I have never forgotten it. )

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