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I have always been into health and fitness, but I never called myself a runner. Though I logged weekly time at the gym I struggled with body image issues as my body changed throughout high school and college. A little over a year ago I started running with my boyfriend who was trying to lose weight (he lost 50 lbs in 6 months!) and got hooked myself. I now run every morning, and do it for myself, not for speed or anyone else. It relieves my anxiety, wakes me up and makes me feel incredible.
I have always hoped to run my own women's magazine some day, and now my blog is the first step in that direction. I know how I have been affected by women's magazines and I don't want others to feel the way I did. I hope to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere by providing a healthy and whole outlook on life that they can adapt as well.

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Jessica Sanders


CA United States


Jul 25

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"Do what no one else will now, so you can do what no one else can later."

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