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Hello my name is Jenn and I am a single mom of twin boys age 14. Life has been challanging for me for the the past 9 years when I was diagnosed with Lupus. It totally flipped my world upside down. As the years have gone by I have collected a few more issues to go along with Lupus...thyroid disease, dermatomyositis, dengerative disc disease, platelet issues, RA, on the verge of Osteoarthitis, menopausing at the age of 33, had to have a hysterectomy a year ago due to cancerous cells crowding my cervix, drusions in my eyes... and couple other ones.. after reading all of that you would think how is one able to get up everyday and live.. and I say support and the love of and for my family.. I am beyond grateful that I am alive despite the pain i have to go through daily ... I hope and pray for a cure daily..

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Jenn Lewis


Winchester, VA 22603


.."“We have suffered, but we have survived; We are hurting, but we are enduring.”..

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