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Project Mate (Bar) arrives in South Florida and introduces a NEW brand of Mate leaves named: META MATE

Meta Mate is hand-harvested, always fresh originating deep within the forest canopy, in the south of Brazil.
Mate leaves are used to prepare drinks that have long been a cherished tradition throughout various South American countries. There are a few localized variations in its preparation and consumption, but they each maintain the spirit of sharing and camaraderie, as its foundation.
Mate contains multiple beneficial properties and Project Mate (Bar) will present additional variations of the Mate drink, including options adapted to Florida’s tropical climate, such as the Iced Citrus Mate – a refreshing and sweeter infusion. The extra green Mate flavor will appeal to those that enjoy green teas and other nature based drinks (i.e. Chai, wheat grass, guarana, kava, seaweed).
Project Mate (Bar) introduces to existing and potential consumers of Mate a superior quality product, by communicating the custom of drinking mate not only as a personal health benefit, but as an overall positive social experience, to all that consume it.

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