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Where do I start?? I am 48 yrs old and celibate. Have been celibate for yrs. I have 2 issues that I'm dealing with. One is constant vaginal drainage/irritation. Sometimes it's white, sometimes it's yellow and then clear, sometimes gray. I have been tested for every single std known to mankind. Everyone of them. Blood test, cultures, pap smears, you name it. All are negative. I even had a vaginal ultra sound....only showed a few cysts which I was informed was nothing to be concerned about. I am going through peri pause right now. Haven't had a period since Feb. I feel better when I have my periods. My gyno has checked me over and over along with some other drs and they all tell me I have a yeast infection. I swell real bad to the point I can't hardly walk, I stay red there and burn like I'm on fire. The meds I take for anti fungals are not working except for monistat which seems to give me temporary relief. Oh did I mention I'm a diabetic? My sugar stays under control....maybe a number or 2 high sometimes. I just don't know what else to do about my vaginal issue. And also I had a hemorrhoidectomy done in 2010 by a general surgeon and I've never been the same since. My gastro said even they didn't do surgery for hemorrhoids...they get some who specializes in that area...which is what I wish had done now. I had my surgery done before meeting my gastro. Since the surgery, I've had anal fissures which my gastro gave me some medication for and it seems to help at first but then they started bleeding again. My question here is why does my vulva area hurt so bad when my fissures are acting up? And when I have bouts of diarrhea from my IBS, talk about vaginal pain then. My gastro told me it's 'referred pain'. I get extremely irritated and inflamed in my vaginal area when my bowels are acting up. Someone told me if you have rectal problems your going to have vaginal problems too, is that true?? I sometimes think all my problems are coming from my 'gut'. Because I stay so bloated and have so much diarrhea. I was juicing my veggies for a few days to try to detox my system and I actually began to feel somewhat better. I just wish I understood why my vaginal area stays so irritated everytime I have bouts with my bowels.

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