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I'm 43, single, no children, never been married, yet! :)
I'm have Adult Add, and am currently looking for support. I've tried Strattera & Ritalin a couple yrs ago; thye both didn't seem to help. I have a prescription for Adderall which I've tried also (generic) and that doesn't seem to help either but I'm not positive if the dose is high enough. There aren't any support groups for Adult Add here yet, so was just tryin to find other women around my age that experience the same feelings that I do (disorganized, unfocused, never seem to get anything done or caught up, can't manage time....)
I also battle with some depression & anxiety; which seems to have gotten worse in the last year. I believe I'm in the pre-menopause stage because of my moods, nite sweats, and so forth.
Thanks for listening!

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“Sing as if no one is listening. Dance as if no one is watching. Love as if you’ve never been hurt. Live as if you’ll die today. Dream as if you’ll live forever”

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