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I didn't know at the time in 1994 that I was undergoing perimenopause at age 38. It never occurred to me, the change of life? I assumed the mood swings could be fixed with antidepressants which helped but didn't get at the core issue, which was a hormonal imbalance. The perimenopause wasn't apparent yet but I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, then came primary hyperparathyroidism with secondary hypercalcemia. All the while starting to have hot flashes taking antidepressants and Levothroid but not feeling hormonally balanced. After 3 parathyroid surgeries, the calcium levels are better but the depression is worse. I'm postmenopausal and have completely lost my sex drive. Do I blame it on the antidepressants or the blood pressure medication or the perimenopause or all of the above? I am now undergoing ECT (electro-convulsive shock therapy) for my drug resistant depression. It's
helped some but I'm still "not out of the woods". My primary care doctor is reluctant to treat me with HRT and has referred me to a Gynecologist. I'm losing hope that I'll ever feel whole again.

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Woodburn, OR USA


Nov 29

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