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My story is so similar to those I have just been reading about. I have a lot of pain along with numbness and tingling, a sleep disorder, hypertension/high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, short term memory loss, weight gain, extreme fatigue, and small vessel brain disease. An MRI of my brain shows several lesions and a lot of abnormal matter for my age. One doctor said "your brain looks like that of an 85 year old woman in advanced stages of multiple sclerosis".
No neurologist or any other specialist has been able to explain it. They all agree that it is not multiple sclerosis. They have ran many tests but still no diagnosis and now just say we'll keep an eye on it and get MRI's annually to see if their are any changes. I am left with uncertainty and fear with what might happen.
I know I have some health issues that are clear: my back pain and nerve damage is due to arthritis, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and more; kidney stones have been a problem for several years; and the small vessel disease is due to high blood pressure (but I think that can be helped in other ways as well).
But, like so many of you, I know my body and there is more to it than what any doctor has come up with. I feel such hope now, after my discovery of EmpowHer.
My health has been problematic since I was in my late teens but the last 6 years have been horrific. I had to quit working at 55, not in my plan and has affected my retirement plans. I have gotten my hopes up so many times before about a new doctor, new treatment etc. but I truly feel I am going to get help from EmpowHer. Your stories have encouraged me and given me strength and believe me, it was just in time! The feeling that no one cares and you are never going to get help no matter how hard you try is so debilitating. It drains you. My life has been consumed by pain and fatigue. I feel like I lost myself and the joy that I am known for is gone.
I want it all back. I want to resume my activities and live life to the fullest.
I thank Michelle and EmpowHer in advance because no matter what lies ahead for me, she and her company (and colleagues) has given women everywhere care and concern; an understanding of our complex problems and the help we need to stay strong and keep fighting to stay healthy. We no longer have to be ignored and disrespected, we now have an advocate to guide us. I love the name EMPOWHER. That's what it is, exactly.

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