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At a young age I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend of a year (he cheated on me without my knowledge). After I found out that he cheated on me I accepted him back into my life because I thought I would die without him. I was oblivious to that fact that when we were on a "break" in that time period he had slept with another girl while visiting his sister in college. I failed to ask details about him and this other girl because it hurt me so much to imagine him with someone besides me, being that he took my virginity and was my first real and intimate relationship. So after being back together I slept with him and three days later began to feel someone off "down there". I went to the doctor with my mom the next day and was diagnosed with the STD herpes. I was treated and haven't had another outbreak yet. The guy who gave it to me and I are not together anymore because a month after I contracted it he went off to college. The only other thing wrong with this scenario is that I haven't confronted him about it yet. I haven't gotten the nerve to say anything to him because of the circumstances. I hope to gain any knowledge I can and guide myself to ask him about it or if he knows he gave it to me...

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Aug 23


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