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Lady B61

My name is Brenda and I live in Texas. I am 49 years old. I started having health problems when I was 29 years old,it started with my eyes (retinal detatchment), I had surgery to correct the RD they lost me on the operating table due to me having MH (Malignant hypethermia). I statred having bladder problems a few years later, and following I had severe dental problems. Following that I developed a problem with my autoimmune system and it began to attack my thyroid, so I was gaining 10lbs a month. Following that I was diagnoised with viteligo, and after that I had a complete hysterectomy;and after that I developed cateracts from the RD surgery. I now have degenerative and bulging disc. Okay I guess that's all of.

Lady B61
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Victoria, TX USA


Sep 2


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