I am unhappy that my husband doesn't like the way I look. What I mean is he doesn't like my body type, he doesn't like the size of my nipples - he has a list. He said he thinks my face isn't ...

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I've been with my boyfriend a year and it's been many ups and downs. The major issue is that I have 10years on him. I am 36 and he is 26. I am ready to settle down and build a life with him. He ...

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Via UnsplashMy fiance and I are happy together, we have a wonderful future planned and I look forward to it, he treats me like a princess. We hardly ever fight, but that's only when I am going ...

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You may already start thinking from the headline of this report....WHAT? Don't you worry, so did I since I am the type of women that consistently uses perfume EVERYTHING. The important thing ...

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